11  Squars Beads Necklace11  Squars Beads Necklace
2 Layer Ring2 Layer Ring

2 Layer Ring

3 Geomtric  Studs  Earrings3 Geomtric  Studs  Earrings
3 Layer Ring3 Layer Ring

3 Layer Ring

Ball anklet Female JewelryBall anklet Female Jewelry
Ball round bead braceletBall round bead bracelet
Bar Studs  Earrings 0.12cmBar Studs  Earrings 0.12cm
Bar Studs  Earrings 0.25cmBar Studs  Earrings 0.25cm
Bar Studs  Earrings 0.2cmBar Studs  Earrings 0.2cm
Bar Studs  Earrings 0.2cmBar Studs  Earrings 0.2cm
Long Loose with Squre EarringsLong Loose with Squre Earrings
Bow Diamonds RingBow Diamonds Ring
Braided  Adjustable RingBraided  Adjustable Ring
Bright crystal necklaceBright crystal necklace
Bright crystal necklaceBright crystal necklace
Austrian crystal necklaceBright crystal necklace
Brushed Moon necklaceBrushed Moon necklace
Butterfly earringButterfly earring
Butterfly Rhinestone RingButterfly Rhinestone Ring
Buttons Earrings 6mmButtons Earrings 6mm
Cat Pearls Studs EarringsCat Pearls Studs Earrings
Cat Studs EarringsCat Studs Earrings
Charming Beads NecklaceCharming Beads Necklace
Cherry sweet long earringCherry sweet long earring
Circular ringCircular ring
Crown Studs EarringsCrown Studs Earrings
Crustal  finger ringCrustal  finger ring
Crystal  stud earringCrystal  stud earring
Cute diamond finger ringCute diamond finger ring

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Silver Jewelry

Decorate yourself with the latest trends in sterling silver adornments from Hadasu

Jewelry is an important factor no women would live without. The traditional gold and heavy jewelry are now simple but elegant sterling silver jewelry designs. But how would you make up whether it is of the latest trends or designs?

Not to worry, the best place to get the 2017 jewelry trends in sterling silver is Hadasu. Yes, we serve the beauties with a vast collection of adornments which would leave you in dilemma while selecting. Whether you are searching for any traditional design, imitation jewelry, a sensual gift, religious function or merely for a corporate or private event, we give you an outstanding spectrum of designs to choose from.

We are counted in one of the renowned jewelry stores with a classy collection of ethnic Indian jewelry designs molded in sterling silver. The jewelry trends 2017 collection we give includes fascinating designs of earrings, rings, pendants, chains, anklets and much more which can prove to be an ideal gift to the special feminine in your life. Apart from this, we all provide you with tiaras which are concocted with gold, rhodium and cubic zirconia which comes with warranty and durability for a long-lasting collection.

The 2017 jewelry trends have also given an opportunity to the working women to decorate themselves with single diamond jewelry and triple asymmetric jewelry designs which are widely worn for corporate events over formal wear. We also have delicate designs in Austrian crystal, bar studs, multi-color diamonds, gemstones, etc. in a wide range of price to select from according to your budget.

So why wait for a special occasion to arrive! Visit us and let your beloved feel peculiar by getting something dignified for her. We also have online shopping window for you to select from.

Freshwater pearl finger ring